AMA Curbside Cravings

Where Delicious Meets Convenience

Authentic Flavors, Southern Soul

At AMA Curbside Cravings, we're more than just a food truck; we're a beacon of authenticity in every dish we serve. Specializing in Creole cuisine, every meal is crafted from scratch, offering a taste of our heritage and the warmth of southern hospitality. Join us for an experience that celebrates the genuine flavors of the South.

Authentic Food Truck & Catering in Houston

At AMA Curbside Cravings, we are a family-owned and operated food truck and catering business located in the heart of Houston, Texas. Our passion is serving up authentic Southern and Creole cuisine, all made fresh from scratch with a touch of southern hospitality. Our menu features a variety of dishes that pay ...

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Family Heritage and Southern Cuisine

AMA Curbside Cravings is more than just a food truck; it's a testament to our family's resilience, passion for Southern cuisine, and the embodiment of Creole culture. As a family-owned and operated business, it serves as our lifeline, a means to provide for ourselves in challenging times. With both of my ...

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